E3 08: Take a look at Resident Evil 5’s online co-op mode in action

As you may have just heard, Resident Evil 5 is getting an online co-op mode. The video, which you can check out after the break, starts off with Chris Redfield going through the African village. Chris gets to a point in the level where he can’t get through by himself. So at this point, the online co-op mode is revealed introducing the new girl, Sheva Alomar, as a playable character.

Sheva makes her way to Chris and with his help, she crosses over to an adjacent building and continues on with the level. Sheva runs into some enemies and as she’s taking them on, Chris is sniping them from his position. Sheva then makes her way to a blocked door that she unlocks to let Chris through. The video presentation ends with a new variation of the Chainsaw mini-boss from Resident Evil 4.

Hit the jump for the video and some questions on the co-op mode.

As a long time Resident Evil fan, I am excited for the co-op mode. Sure, the Outbreak series had co-op, but the Outbreaks never felt like a true Resident Evil game to me.

I am curious to see how the game will play out in just single-player. It looks like they’re going to be emphasizing a lot of co-op type elements with the level design and the enemies. If that’s the case, will Sheva be computer controlled when no one is around to take her place? March 2009 can’t come soon enough.

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