E3 08: Sega Blowout: Madworld

When Chad let us know about the upcoming Wii game Madworld last month, I was honestly pretty surprised. A violent, black and white game where you can paint the environment with the crimson red blood of your foes didn’t sound like something that would be coming to Nintendo’s little white waggle box. I’m certainly glad it is, though.

Sega has released some new screens today, along with a bit of new information. It turns out that Jack, the main character, is stuck in some sort of death game called Death Watch that is organized by a terrorist group know as the Organizers. The premise sort of reminds me of The Club.

During these Death Watch matches we can expect to execute plety of visceral finishing moves with the Wiimote and Nunchuk. Maybe Platinum Games is going for more of a No More Heroes style of fighting? There will also be several monstrous bosses to look forward to along with several minigames to keep you and your friends entertained after the main storyline is over.

Madworld is currently slated to come out sometime during Q1 of next year.

Justin Villasenor