E3 08: Rumortoid: Trophy support to extend to the PSP?

Would it not be awesome to be rewarded for your endeavors with shiny things on the PSP platform as well? This may soon be a possibility. Gamespot recently sat down for a presentation of Buzz! Master Quiz for the PSP, where producer Emerson Escobar may have accidently unveiled a cross-platform Trophy system.

We’ve also implemented a trophy system. Let’s say you answer a question within one second, you get a lightning finger trophy. If you answer a question within half a second, you get a supersonic trophy.

Escobar was unwilling to elaborate if the PSP was actually getting trophy support. The trophies in Buzz! may only be in the context of the game itself, which isn’t exactly unheard of. Notice how he says “a trophy system” as opposed to “the Trophy system.” Regardless, PSP Trophy support is certainly a very interesting proposition. It would probably require Sony to open up the entire network for Trophies. Imagine playing a downloadable PS1 title for points. That’s certainly an area that Microsoft won’t touch with its Xbox Originals platform.
While I would love to say PSP Trophy support confirmed, this really needs to be explored further. I can’t imagine that during a canned presentation someone would elaborate this much by accident. Would you guys want the support? Do you think that offering Trophies to the PSP is a natural progression of sorts?

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