E3 08: Rare wants Banjo to be like Mario

In a CVG interview with Rare studio head Mark Betteridge at E3, it was revealed that Rare will actively try to make Banjo synonymous to the Xbox experience. Furthermore, Betteridge even thinks that Banjo-Kazooie is something that the Xbox 360 needs right now. We suppose a bear with a bird on his back is probably better than avatars.

We think the time is right for Banjo to be a mascot character for the 360, that’s the key point. The price of the box is less than it was at launch, there are more casual customers buying consoles, so I think there’s now a really good opportunity there. It’s a unique game in the 360 line-up, it’s a game that the 360 needs.

Certainly as a mascot character Mario is fantastic and that would be wonderful to have Banjo mention in the same breath as 360 in way that Mario is with Nintendo

Hey, I have zero qualms with mascots. I believe we all love our beautiful, shiny, and unique robot at Destructoid. After Crash Bandicoot fell through the floor, we have been left with a bit of a marketing void. Nintendo has always been able to keep the loveable plumber in the forefront of the equation, and what Betteridge says is true in the regard to the need for a mascot. Although, I would much rather have a gun with a chainsaw attached to it instead of a cartoon bear.

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