E3 08: PSN to get movie and TV downloads tonight

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We don’t know the name for it yet, but PSN will be updated tonight to provide both movies and TV shows to eager consumers. The service will allow for complete downloads and rentals from announced partners Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox, Funimation, MGM, Warner Brothers and Sony Pictures. The best part is that the purchased media will be somewhat removable from the PS3. Patrons will be able to transport movies to their PSP, as well as their personal computers via USB.

The video service will be separated by a button on the main screen of the PSN store, which will then transport the user to lists broken down by companies or genre. Rental prices will range from $1.99 for a TV show to $5.99 for movies. Complete downloads will hit for either $9.99 or $14.99. High-definition will also be available, but only for some titles. There’s also no need to worry about how long downloads will take. Progressive downloading will be utilized by the new service, so users will be able to begin watching their movie almost immediately after purchase.

I wonder when we’ll see Robocop or Mortal Kombat? I mean, Cloverfield is great, but I need some cyborg or Johnny Cage action with my download service. If there was only a way to combine that love together.

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