E3 08: PSN releases this week

Earlier today, PlayStation.Blog tossed up a post detailing some of Sony’s release plans for the PlayStation Store this week. Unfortunately, the plans do not contain any videos from the King Taco event tomorrow. Dry your eyes though, because there will be HD videos from notable publishers like Capcom, Namco Bandai, Activision and THQ. Also, there is a small bit of game content announced thus far:

  • The Best of the Who (Rock Band)
  • Super Startdust HD Team Mode Add-on (PSN)
  • Elefunk (PSN)

My guess is that we’ll see a bunch more than this as E3 progresses and the Sony conference hits. What I want to wake up to in the morning is a huge God of War III trailer. Regardless, we’ll keep watch in-between tacos.

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