E3 08: Official Mega Man 9 box art may be the greatest thing I have ever seen

This might be the best box art to come out in the last twenty years. Seriously, where do I start? The awesome airbrush job? The ridiculous designs of Mega Man and Dr. Wily? The classic grid background? Hell, it actually uses the phrases “Ultrasound Graphics Synthesis” and “8-bit Fidelity Engine.” This is the best box art EVER!

Capcom is getting everything right with the retro throwback that is Mega Man 9. If you read my hands-on impressions yesterday you know I love the game. This box art just takes everything over the edge.

What do you think? So good or so, SO good? What is your favorite part of this nostalgic creation? If this game is a download, why is there even box art to begin with?

[Via Jeremy Parish’s blog on 1UP]

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