E3 08: New BioShock PS3 trailer hints at new content – carnivals and rockets

I’m not in the business of comparing Xbox 360 graphics to PS3 graphics, but I think we can all agree that BioShock looks gorgeous, no matter the platform. After the jump, feel free to feast your eyes on the first proper BioShock gameplay footage running on the PS3. Even though it’s been months since I explored Rapture, in the back of my mind, I secretly hope that my roommate ponies up the dough for this new version.

Since the game was confirmed to see a PS3 release, rumors about new and extra content have been popping up, and the new trailer (available after the jump) seems to confirm a new, carnival-themed level. Don’t forget that a zoo area was cut from the Xbox 360 version due to time restraints — it isn’t unreasonable that the PS3 version could pick up a few levels. However, that could cause some serious narrative problems, unless that was overhauled, too.

Also, the trailer focuses heavily on the rocketlauncher — a weapon previously absent from Rapture — and what I presume is the Sonic Boom plasmid that was available as DLC. With new weapons, tonics, and plasmids, and what may turn out to be completely new areas, the Digital Extremes-developed BioShock is shaping up to be more than a sloppy port.

Well met, 2K. Well met indeed.

[Edit: I kind of forgot about those heat-seeking grenades that you could invent in the original. So, the rockets in the trailer probably aren’t a completely new weapon, just a type of invented ammo for the regular old grenade launcher. Sorry about that.] 

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