E3 08: NBA 09: The Inside details and screens

The Sony Conference showed off quite a bit of the upcoming PSP sports title NBA 09: The Inside. The title is being developed by SCEA San Diego, the same developer responsible for the decently delicious MLB 08: The Show. NBA 09 will feature several game modes perfect for handheld devices, and will support both multiplayer and downloadable rosters.

There are quite a few features being brought over to NBA 09, several of which are fresh and crisp like that deli sandwich you love so much. The new franchise mode will allow players to micromanage their teams in new ways, including watching the salary cap and playing time for the athletes. There is also a new “Elimiquest Mode,” which will have players attempt to take over every NBA team in the old Conquest Mode format.

There are also a ton of mini-games for the PSP user that can never find enough time on his hands, including the 5-on-5 passing drill “Give & Go,” and 3-on-2 situational mode called “Fast Break.” Several carnival games have been announced as well, including basketball-themed pinball, whack-a-mole, and even a mode that consists of breaking apart brick sections of a level with a basketball.

NBA 09: The Inside is set to hit the PSP on October 7 of this year.

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