E3 08: LittleBigPlanet screens


Let the onslaught of new images continue! Sony has delivered more stills of the DIY platformer game, LittleBigPlanet. Not only are we treated to a few, adorable sackcloth characters, we get a small glimpse into the level design system.

Now, this is the sort of game that I’d have to wait at least six months to pick up, since I don’t particularly want to work to have my fun. After a look at the screens that depict a level in the process of being built, I’m really excited. Not to do any of it, mind you, but to see what all the lunatics come up with when given a toolset and a long leash. Plus, a few of those sackcloths look like Muppets, which is immediate win.

Are you guys pumped for this? Is it the level creation or the ability to play limitless levels produced by people all over the world that appeals more? Check out the screens in our gallery and let us know what you think.

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