E3 08: Interview with GameCock CEO Mike Wilson

Out of all the publishers at E3 this year, only a few had line ups that were completely free of crap. Ironically, one of those publishers wasn’t even at E3. During this year’s event, Gamecock held their own private conference in a secret location somewhere in the greater Los Angeles area. There I was permitted to sample each of their upcoming home console releases: Legendary, a fantastic modern day disaster tale, Mushroom Men, a sort of Pikmin-Mario-Zelda hybrid featuring the music of Les Claypool, Dungeon Hero, a game that takes a serious look at the true, uncensored lives of your average dungeon dwelling goblin, and Velvet Assassin, a ball stabbing extravaganza of epic proportions.

Mike Wilson, “grand champeen” and Gamecock CEO, was kind enough to talk to us about his philosophy on being a publisher, on Gamecock as a company, and why he is the next great future president of the ESA


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