E3 08: Guitar Hero IV will be compatible with Rock Band instruments for the 360

During Activision’s not-E3 press conference yesterday, a developer for Guitar Hero: World Tour stated that non-Guitar Hero instruments will work with the next Guitar Hero game. MTV Multiplayer then confirmed with Activision that the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero: World Tour will indeed work with the first Rock Band instruments. No word on whether or not Rock Revolution or Rock Band 2 instruments will work since they’re not out yet.

So far, only the Xbox 360 version compatibility is being talked about as Activision  won’t say if the other platforms will get the same treatment. The cross compatibility has actually already started with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith as there was an auto-download for the Xbox 360 version at some point that should make Rock Band guitars work with the game right now.

So this pretty much leveled the Rock Band 2 vs Guitar Hero: World Tour playing field.  Will you be getting Guitar Hero: World Tour now that the instruments are cross compatible (for the Xbox 360 at least)?

[Picture via XKCD]

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