E3 08: Flower looks and possibly tastes beautiful

One of the many PlayStation Network trailers shown at Sony’s press conference was thatgamecompany’s Flower. Flower looks to be the same curious, but beautiful experience that the developer’s previous title, FlOw, is. Details are a bit sparse at this point in the day, but what we do know is awesome.

Flower will be an abstract experience that puts players in the saddle of a flower petal. As evidenced by the trailer, a big wind comes and blows a pretty little petal off of a flower. At that point, players will guide the petal with the help of the wind through the environment. The big idea behind Flower is to give players a contained experience with nature. At this point, the symbolism eludes me, but I believe players are supposed to feel differently about their own urban environments after experiencing the vibrant, lush, and vivid world of Flower.

Hit the break for the trailer shown at Sony’s press conference and marvel at all the pretty colors. Flower is due out this year on the PlayStation Network.

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