E3 08: Final Fantasy XIII Versus still ‘PS3 exclusive’

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One of the big shockers from the Microsoft press conference was the unveiling of a new Final Fantasy XIII trailer and the subsequent announcement that the once exclusive title would be coming to the Xbox 360. The foregone conclusion one could draw from the announcement is that all Square Enix titles have the propensity to float multi-platform. Fortunately for the Sony crowd, a PSU interview with Square Enix executive Shinki Hashimoto has revealed that Final Fantasy XIII Versus will remain exclusive to the PS3:

We won’t change policy. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

The interview also revealed that FF Versus XII director Tetsuya Nomura was working on another titled called One Goal Spirit. We have no clue what that game is about, but work on it has since been stalled in favor of Final Fantasy XIII. The big question remains, will FF Versus XIII be a “timed exclusive” or one of those real exclusive things?

I’m always a bit torn about exclusive titles. On one hand, exclusivity usually assures a great title that was excellently funded and shipped with few flaws. On the other hand, exclusivity can really hurt the gamer without the console. For a good chunk of time, it was looking like Xbox 360 owners were going to miss the bus on Final Fantasy XIII entirely, which would have been incredibly unfortunate. This might all be irrelevant by the end of the week anyway, as E3 has barely even started. Yet, what do you guys think about this? Would you rather just have FF Versus XIII on the PS3? Or would you mind letting Xbox 360 owners having a crack at it?

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