E3 08: Eat tacos and hang out with Sony

One of the finer things in life is the taco. It’s mix of lettuce, cheese, meat of your choice, tomato, and toppings can please even the pickiest of eaters. Sony apparently gets that. This year, the guys at PlayStation.Blog are throwing a party for all of its readers and industry personalities at the King Taco in Los Angeles. It will begin on July 15 at 5 P.M. PST.

Jeff Rubenstein, Social Media Manager at Sony will be at the event, and he really wants you to bring your PSP. The statement is mentioned three times in the article, so it must be a critical thing. It may even be as critical as the need for Spock to wear a bandana in Star Trek: The Voyage Home. Without the bandana everyone on Earth would have known Spock was an alien on a secret mission to save whales or whatever he was doing. Regardless, Spock always remembered his bandana, just like you should remember your PSP if you attend.

If you want more info on the event, take some time to check out the post. You can also RSVP via their Facebook, or shoot an e-mail to them. The question is, will any members of the Destructoid community attend?

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