E3 08: Debut trailer for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Fusion

Activision announced a few new titles during their not-E3 presentation earlier tonight. Among the new games was Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Fusion. Not much was detailed and only a little teaser was released.   

In the teaser, we see Iron Man, Hulk, Dare Devil, Captain America, The Thing, Wolverine, and Spider-Man show us their moves with the line, “Fuse the Power”. So then, I gather we’ll be able to fuse the different Marvel heroes powers together. Will we be able to fuse anyone’s powers together? I want to fuse the Dare Devils power of blindness with the Hulk. Or, I know! How about fusing Wolverines claws with The Thing? Or fusing Iron Man’s suit with Spider-Man! Oh God, the possibilities are ENDLESS! 

Hit the jump for the teaser and let us know what powers you would fuse together yourself. I doubt any of you will be able to top my fusions. 

[Side note: Main image is from Marvel Civil War and has nothing to do with the game. I needed a group shot of Marvel heroes. Also, I want a Marvel Zombies game!] 

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