E for All Video Games Live concert invites special guests

You can’t blame ups for talking about the upcoming E for All Expo session of Video Games Live — we’re big fans! If the updated set containing songs from Halo 3, Conan, BioShock, Contra, Chrono Cross, Pac-Man, Tetris, and Final Fantasy wasn’t enough to bring you out, then maybe this new news about special guests will be. 

Music4Games has details on some of the special guests that are scheduled to attend the show. You’ll want to be at the post-show meet and greet to shake hands with gaming celebs like Pong/Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, Tron special fx supervisor of Richard Taylor, Intellivision president Keith Robinson, select members of the teams thatmade Warcraft, Guitar Hero, God of War, BioShock, Earthworm Jim, Metroid Prime, Myst, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid, and Halo. Finally, some “special secret guests from Japan” are expected.

Fans of game music are not going to want to miss this one.  

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