Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce demo hitting PSN tomorrow

Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce will be available to all in demo form tomorrow, which is exciting news for at least five readers, including myself. The demo will support the game’s focus on four-player co-op, so if you’re somehow freaky enough to own a PSP, like Dynasty Warriors, and somehow know three other people in the same situation, then you’ll certainly have something to do on Thursday.

I’m really interested in the game, and love how Koei has tried to seriously change up the series. However, I still can’t fathom the lack of online co-op, especially considering how difficult it will be to find other players locally. I hope Strikeforce is successful, however, if just for the fact that Koei may consider doing a similar thing on consoles. Being able to play a game like Strikeforce over Xbox Live or PSN would give the franchise a definite shot in the arm, I think. 

Until then, I’ll at least take the rare opportunity to switch my PSP on.

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