Dynasty Warriors & Samurai Warriors make sweet love to produce bastard child

Koei is known for two things – repetitive, number crunching strategy games set in ancient China and repetitive, button mashing action games set in ancient China. I have always been a huge fan of the latter, a follower of the Dynasty Warriors series for many years. Perhaps follower is a little too light – more like a devout worshipper, ensnared by the endless, mindless hack n’ slash madness, terrible voice acting and hair metal soundtrack. I naturally swallowed up the Japanese Samurai Warriors spin-off as well (even if the first one was crap), shamelessly buying the same damn games over and over. Sadly, it seems my enslavement to the almighty button basher is to continue unabated, as Koei has announced a western release date for its Dynasty/Samurai Warriors crossover, Orochi Warriors.

The Omega Force developed title will see characters from both the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors universes thrust together through the nefarious work of a time meddling demon by the name of Orochi. As with all titles in this ridiculously overstuffed series, minimal changes will be made to the gameplay. Despite the gimmick of merging both titles together, Koei is sure to provide us with more of the same outside of new, minor updates such as the ability to create teams of three generals that you can switch between at will and a feature that allows one to ‘fuse’ weapons together to create new and powerful attacks. 

But this is what long time fans of the series, myself included, happily expect from a Koei action game – that same old garbage. It’s trash gaming, but we like it that way. Due for the PS2 and Xbox 360 on September 18, my only wish is that Koei and Omega Force stop making last-generation games and give me my outdated button mashing with shiny, new-gen graphics. 

[Via Gamespot

Jim Sterling