Dynasty Warriors Gundam demo available on US Xbox Live, Europe has to wait

As ever, I’m dedicated to bringing the 10% (perhaps even 20% now) of you who care all the latest KOEI news, and today’s fresh word is that Dynasty Warriors Gundam, the KOEI/Namco Bandai marriage of the diabolique, now has a demo available on Xbox Live. However, this is not the case if you live in Europe, something I found out after excitedly firing up my console once Joe Burling had informed me the demo was up. Yes, one can imagine my disappointment in finding it’s not there.

Naturally, I headed over to Eurogamer, the European gamer’s one-stop shop for all news in the land of monocles and top hats, to find that we limeys have to wait “a matter of days.” According to Eurogamer, those much-fabled localization issues are to blame, along with the current lack of a PEGI rating. “We wanted to ensure that every Xbox 360 owner had the opportunity to enjoy the perfect melding of the Dynasty Warriors signature gameplay and Gundam‘s Mobile Suits before its anticipated debut,” stated Makoto Iwai of Namco Bandai America. Thanks. Wanker. 

William Haley: You don’t have a US and Japanese account too? N00b.

Jim: Shut up.

William Haley: Ohhh that’s mature! Hey Joe, lets go play some Dynasty Warriors Gundam on our AMERICAN Xbox 360’s. You know, it’s that new game from Koei and Bandai that looks totally awesome. You too Adam, you’re coo– I mean, American too, right?

[Sometimes I hate my job]

Jim Sterling