Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 online versus mode confirmed?

If the Dynasty Warriors games have been lacking one desperately needed feature, it’s some form of decent online play. The franchise has been screaming for robust online co-op or versus options for a long time now, and if the above video is anything to go by, it looks like those screams are finally about to be answered with Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2.

It’s dfficult to exactly tell what is said in this developer interview, especially since the translator says this: “For the Europe and the US — we might — we are going to have a versus mode online.” Is he saying that the game might have an online mode, or that it will have an online mode? This is why you don’t have strange-sounding stuttering men doing translation on your videos!

Also strange how the interview implies that the Japanese version is to get DLC and the American/European version is to get online versus. Is that to say one territory is getting one thing exclusively while another gets something different? 

A weird video interview indeed, as far as this cat is concerned. Still, more online play in my Dynasty Warriors is a step in the right direction, so hopefully we see some good come of it.

Jim Sterling