Dynasty Warriors as we know it turns 15 years old today, so what’s your favorite game?

Mine is super old at this point

I still remember where I was when I discovered Dynasty Warriors. I was in a Blockbuster Video just perusing some games, and my friend shouted that I needed to hurry up so we could get to a meetup of some kind. So I kind of just found Dynasty Warriors 2 sitting there, and the rest was history —  I played it for three days straight, and since then, I’ve played nearly every major entry in the series, as well as a bunch of spinoffs.

Although technically a sequel to the first entry (which was a fighting game), Dynasty Warriors 2 turned the series into the powerhouse it is today, fostering tons of spinoffs and even more recently, a fully-fledged Zelda game. It was released in Japan on August 3, 2000 — just 15 years ago.

You know what? It’s probably still my favorite entry, too. Although I do enjoy the One Piece games and adore Hyrule Warriors, I’ll never forget the multi-faceted campaigns of the second game, and my tireless efforts to max out every character. Really think about it (there’s so many to choose from) and discuss your favorite below!

Chris Carter
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