Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends getting Guo Jia

Koei Tecmo is still the master of milk, as it plans to squeeze extra mileage from its property with the announcement of Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends. The big news — at least if you’re a fan of romanticized Chinese history — is that pre-Wei supergenius Guo Jia is a new character. 

Two other characters will join him, although they are yet to be revealed. It’s likely Guo Jia was added due to fan demand (he won a Koei Facebook poll), so maybe the long-requested Cheng Pu will make an appearance? 

As well as the characters, Xtreme Legends will feature Legend Mode and Challenge Mode, and co-op for Story mode with any unlocked character — so long as you have save data from Dynasty Warriors 7

You may now make your obligatory comment below this article, asking why people still buy Dynasty Warriors games. 

[Via Koei Warriors]

Jim Sterling