Dynasty Warriors 7: Liu Chan revealed, Zhang He looks HOT

The latest batch of Dynasty Warriors 7 CGI artworks have been unleashed, revealing another all-new character and revamps for a bunch of older ones, including my personal favorite, Zhang He.

Wei’s Vega-flavored general looks a lot less like a crossdresser this time, going back to his cooler, more badass Dynasty Warriors 3 roots. He somehow looks creepier without the makeup, which I like. Liu Chan appears exactly how he should — a pampered, borderline-retarded douchebag who pissed his father’s kingdom away. 

As well as those guys, we also have Xiao Qiao, Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei, and Dong Zhuo, all of which look pretty decent. I think all the character models look badass this time around, with possibly the best looking designs in the series. Would those of you who care agree with that?

[Via Koei Warriors]

James Stephanie Sterling