Dynasty Warriors 7 delayed, possibly PS3 exclusive

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Following the news that Dynasty Warriors 7 was getting delayed in Europe and not North America, we now get word that Dynasty Warriors 7 has … been delayed in North America. God damn it, Koei. 

Fortunately, the biggest cultural event since Three Men & A Little Lady isn’t getting postponed for long — the game’s official website now lists it for a March 29 release date, four days later than proposed. 

So far, there seems to be some confusion as to whether the game will be a PS3 exclusive in the West. Recently, Tecmo Koei removed reference to the Xbox 360 in recent Dynasty Warriors 7 promotional material, leading some to believe that only the PS3 version would be released. We’ve asked the publisher, but haven’t heard anything back yet. 

Dynasty Warriors 7 is a videogame.

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