Dynasty Warriors 6: Special coming to PSP, has new stuff

Dynasty Warriors 6 was supposed to be the current-gen debut for the series, yet it was the PS2 version of the game, Dynasty Warriors 6: Special, that was infinitely superior. This was mostly thanks to Koei de-cloning a number of characters and giving them unique weapons, such as Zhang He’s claws, Taishi Ci’s beatin’ sticks and Cao Pi’s sword. It was a strange move, but at least it now means Dynasty Warriors 6 is heading to the PSP.

The superior version of DW6 will arrive in portable form with a number of brand new features, including Empires’ Meng Huo as a playable character, new costumes and the ability to do “Air Musou” attacks. Koei Warriors also says that “six new de-clones” will be available, but it’s unclear if they just mean the original Special de-clones, or if six brand new movesets are being introduced for the PSP version. 

Dynasty Warriors games seem to work really well on the PSP, not just because the hack n’ slash simplicity seems better suited to portable gaming, but also because Koei does an amazing job of fitting a huge amount of content onto one little UMD. This should be a good time.

Jim Sterling