Dynasty Warriors 6 image and info palooza

On a whim, I decided to check out the lovely KOEI resource site, KOEI Warriors and saw that over the weekend, those fine followers of all things hack n’ slash have put up a veritable treasure trove of goodies for the Dynasty Warriors cult on Destructoid to drool over. Dynasty Warriors 6‘s official site launched just yesterday and with it came a few tidbits of information alongside screenshots and a few CG artworks of the traditionally reimagined characters. From the looks of things, the cast members have undergone some dramatic facelifts since the last sequel, moreso than usual. Check out the new-look Lu Bu, I think you’ll agree he’s considerably more epic than ever before. Also of note to fellow DW buffs are the silver-maned Sun Jian and a rather emo-haired Xiahou Dun.

Along with the new screenshots, the KOEI Warriors have a tiny slice of information regarding the game’s new focus on player freedom. ‘Renbu’ is the apparent name of DW6‘s new system, and it’s being said that not only does the chance exist for limitless combo opportunities, you’ll be given the ability to create your own moveset as well. Some of the images also hint at new gameplay elements, with shots of Zhao Yun climbing a ladder (yes, it’s a first for the series) and appearing to swim. Of course, hearing something about online multiplayer and an Xbox 360 release would be even more interesting to me, but I’ll take what I can get. Now excuse me while I sit in the corner and be very, very excited for this game.

Jim Sterling