Dynasty Warriors 6 explained: Jim Sterling’s hype meters off the charts

Ah, God bless my beloved Koei Warriors. Those dedicated followers of all things Koei have pointed me in the direction of this three part video (courtesy of GameInformer) which shows much more of the biggest cultural event since Dio’s Holy Diver, AKA Dynasty Warriors 6.
In the above video and the two that follow, Koei’s Jarik R. Sikat (who I can confirm is a lovely man, having spoken to him) walks us through three fully redesigned characters and talks a little about the new direction for Dynasty Warriors 6. Yes, to the untrained (stupid) eye, it’s the same old garbage, but look! Unlimited combos, do you see? Duels, do you see? I don’t care what the plebians say, the new duel system looks classy as anything to me. Do you see!?
Yet again, the enemy AI is mentioned, and yet more promises of improvements are heard. The idea of the enemy recognizing and acting upon your tactics after prolonged use certainly promises a far more thoughtful experience than previous efforts, but we’ll have to see if it’s a genuine feature or a shallow gimmick that only works cosmetically. Still, attack boats for the win!
Hit the jump for the other two videos. Do you SEE!?

Jim Sterling