Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires has some videos

Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires launches next week, bringing the new weapons from Dynasty Warriors 6: Special, a full-on strategy mode and a character edit function to the game. I’m playing the game right now, and so far I like what I’ve been seeing. One of the big additions to the game is a new playable warrior, Meng Huo. He was strangely absent from DW6, but he’s returned in all his half-naked glory, and Koei has released a video of him in action.

There are also two vids of the character editing mode, showing you how to make your very own Dynasty Warriors. I’ll hold off on opinions until my review hits, but all I’ll say is that you can make Sephiroth … yet somehow have him turn out even camper and sillier than he was in Final Fantasy VII. 

Hit the jump for the footage. 

Jim Sterling