Dynasty Warriors 6 announced for PS3: Sterling faps like mad

Life is unpredictable, but of some things we can be certain – the Sun will set tomorrow, winter shall follow fall and Koei will always, always announce a new Dynasty Warriors sequel. After teasing with spin-offs, the kings of repetition at Koei have officially stated that the new-gen Dynasty Warriors 6 is hitting the PlayStation 3 soon. Currently in development, my favorite button masher will see a Japanese release in the fall, as announced at the PlayStation Premier event in Tokyo.

Koei’s president Kenji Matsuhara made the announcement and claimed that the new credos for DW6 was “Extreme Action, Extreme Battlefield.” I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty extreme. According to Famitsu, combos will be nigh-on limitless, there will be new weapons and the battlefield will offer an increased freedom. Not quite sure what kind of freedom we’re talking about, but I can guarantee one thing — I am going to be there on launch day, smearing my genitals all over copies of this game. 

I’m … pathetic.

[Thanks to Burling-San. The Kingdom of Wei offers thanks]

Jim Sterling