Dynasty Gaiden! Tecmo and Koei merge into one entity of samurai and breasts

Wow, this is crazy stuff. Looks like the proposed takeover of Tecmo by Square Enix isn’t going to happen, because the ailing Tecmo has just started talks with Koei and the two companies are set to merge.

With Tecmo’s Ninja Gaiden and DoA series popular in the West, and Koei’s Musou games popular in the East, the two companies are hoping to balance each other out. Here is the official statement from Tecmo:

As the game industry environment changes with high-powered hardware, portable game machines and rapid growth as well as online mobile games, the accelerating consumer needs are varied and sophisticated. The industry has intensified. Multi-platform and the importance of overseas markets is pushing the industry towards global competition.

…Under these circumstances, these two companies have excellent financial positions, strengths and the ability to take advantage of each other in order to improve profitability and solidified the foundation of a worldwide leader.

So, Kekmo? Tecmoi? Will we see Ryu in Dynasty Warriors or THE LU BU in Ninja Gaiden? This is not something I expected to see this morning, one of my favorite publishers in Koei merging with Tecmo. Hey, maybe this means Sun Shang Xiang can be in a DoA Beach Volleyball. THEN I’ll get to see her wobblebombs for sure!

James Stephanie Sterling