Dying Light’s Nightmare mode looks like a treat

When the apocalypse isn’t bad enough

No Easter egg weapons, longer nights, tougher zombies, and less survivor’s sense. Sound like fun? No? Well, I guess that is kind of the point of Dying Light‘s Nightmare mode, part of the upcoming Enhanced Edition DLC. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to pony up the money for the DLC to “enjoy” the extra brutal difficulty level if you don’t want to, as our resident tall, dark, and spooky Zack Furniss has already reported

It’s not all bad, though. While dying in Nightmare mode will wipe all your currently earned XP towards the next level to zero, you build it at a faster rate. Bringing along co-op buddies adds an extra 10% boost per body as well, so while you run the risk of losing XP, successfully staying alive should mean speedy gains. You’ll also see more frequent gold weapon drops to make up for the loss of your overpowered bonus gear.

You can check out all the details (and watch some zombies get mutilated) in the video below. 

Nic Rowen