Dying Light’s new DLC is called The Bozak Horde

Gee, I really wonder what it could be

I’m going to play a little game with you called “guess the DLC”. Dying Light is an open-world, cooperative zombie game with a heavy emphasis on parkour and violently slaughtering zombies in as many different ways as you can find. What’s the DLC going to be for that?

If you said “horde mode with a slight twist, duh” then DINGDINGDING, you are absolutely correct!

Called The Bozak Horde, this DLC is set in zombie-ridden central Harran’s stadium and will see you play a creep in a mask’s deadly game (huh, I’m not sure where I Saw that before).

It will offer a “hefty” challenge while also being designed to be played cooperatively with four players and having some sort of competitive element (that’s the twist, just so we’re clear.)

There’s leaderboards. There’s various challenges to tackle. You can get rewards, such as a silent compound bow. It’s a horde mode. It has pretty much everything you’d expect a horde mode to have. 

You’ll be able to play The Bozak Horde on May 26 for $9.99/£6.99, and it is included as part of the season pass if you happen to own that.

Joe Parlock