Dying Light Season Pass detailed and it looks super meh

One map, two missions, three skins, and four weapons

Techland has announced its Season Pass plans for Dying Light, and man does it look underwhelming. For your troubles you’ll save 10% and net the “Bozak Horde” map, three new skins, four weapons, and two “hardcore” missions across three add-on packs.

Look, there’s always going to be someone that says “do Season Passes really need reporting?” And to that question, I would say “yes.” It’s always good for people to be informed about a game, whether it’s because they want to get in on the pass, or skip out on a game because they’re piecemealing content before it’s even launched.

When it comes to DLC, I definitely do not trust Warner Bros. at this point.

Dying Light [Twitter]

Chris Carter
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