Dying Light includes a strange recreation of World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros.

There is no princess in this castle

Dying Light is making plenty of headlines, and not only for its unique brand of survival horror. There’s also a host of interesting Easter eggs that can be found within the game if you take the time out to find them. While the game contains parodical nods to games like Destiny and others, arguably the most popular is this Super Mario Bros. Easter egg.

The video above, courtesy of YouTuber Gametastik, takes you through a special pipe which you can find in the second open world zone in Dying Light that’ll have you exploring a replica of World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros.

You can put all your sick parkour skills to good use while exploring the well-known stage from a first-person view for once, and stomp on some zombies for a real nostalgia trip…you know, if goombas were zombies and all that. Completing the area will net you some experience, but you’ll want to seek out this fun little extra for a neat little throwback to a much simpler time in gaming.

‘Dying Light’ Includes Super Mario Bros. Level Easter Egg [Game Rant]

Jason Faulkner