Dying Light Enhanced Edition is free on the Epic Game Store

Get shapez while you’re at it

Hey everyone, are you ready to add another game to your pile of gifts from Tim Sweeney? I know I am, and I swear I’ll find the time to play everything in my expanding library of freebies. All I need to do is discover that pocket dimension where time ceases to exist and I am gold.

From now until April 14, Dying Light Enhanced Edition is available for free on the Epic Game Store. Originally released in 2015, Dying Light is occasionally considered Techland’s spiritual successor to Dead Island. Of course, given the impending release of Dead Island 2 as an Epic Games PC exclusive, the choice of Dying Light as a freebie is pretty funny. Perhaps they intend for you to see one co-op zombie game and remember there’s a new one coming in two weeks. After all, since Dying Light was originally released in 2015, fans of the genre have likely long since played it.

That said, let’s not bury the lede here; shapez is also free on the Epic Game Store. Though I joke a bit here, shapez is a legitimately well-loved minimalistic base building game. It typically costs $10, but even a price as low as that can’t beat free. I can’t wait to finally play this one once I figure out where to find eight additional hours per day that don’t come from sleep.

Like Dying Light Enhanced Edition, shapez will be available for free until April 14. As usual, once you claim these games, they are yours to play even after the deadline. MORDHAU and Second Extinction are next on the freebie list, so make a reminder for next Friday if those interest you too.

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