Dying Light 2 will be a part of Square Enix’s E3 showcase

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Square Enix is now helping distribute

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Dying Light is a series that hasn’t yet been associated with Square Enix. Warner Bros. published the first game, and Techland plans to self-publish the sequel. But, Dying Light 2 will be getting some help from the Japanese publisher. 

Square Enix has announced that it has signed on to distribute Dying Light 2 in the Americas. The extent of the partnership is kind of vague. It’s not as involved as full-fledged publishing, which includes funding development. Instead, Square Enix will probably be responsible for manufacturing physical editions and working with platform-holders to get the digital versions on the various storefronts.

However, Square Enix might also have a hand in marketing, which will come in handy in a week and a half. Square Enix’s E3 showcase takes place on Monday, June 10 and it’s confirmed that Dying Light 2 will be a part of the lineup. So far, Square Enix has also committed to showing Marvel’s Avengers and the Final Fantasy VII remake at E3. That’s good company for Dying Light 2 to be among.

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