Dyack says that Too Human hasn’t been in development all that long

Xbox360fanboy recently got the opportunity to tour Silicon Knights and talk to President of the company, Denis Dyack. In the interview with Dyack it was revealed that Too Human hasn’t been in development for a decade. In fact, Dyack staunchly denies the industry consensus.

I cannot dispel that rumor enough. That is a bad way to talk about Too Human because that is factually incorrect.

According to Dyack, the game began development right after Silicon Knights shipped Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes in 2004. Which means that Too Human was never shown at E3 in 1999, a teaser trailer wasn’t shown in 2000, or any comments about the game before 2004 never occurred.

Perhaps Dyack started counting when Silicon Knights officially put in the “sliding” mechanic in the game, which probably happened as a result of the lawsuit with Epic. More than likely he’s probably considering anything pre-Xbox 360 as pre-production, which is a cool way of saying “in development” without actually saying “development” or “in.”

Brad BradNicholson