DW7 producer: 3D gaming will lose its ‘buzz’

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Dynasty Warriors 7 will be the first Warriors game to embrace the gimmicky world of 3D graphics. However, even though Omega Force is riding the fad’s wave, it’s not confident that the technology will be a major game changer. In fact, lead producer Akihiro Suzuki believes the buzz will die down soon enough.

“3D is originally something that came from the film industry where it created a bit of a buzz and we saw a bunch of 3D compatible movies surge to the market,” he explained. “If you look at it right now, that buzz has calmed down a bit and there is less interest. I think the same is going to happen in the game industry with 3D gaming. 3D games do not change the way games are played. They simply offer a different angle on the way you can show things in the game.  

“Even so, figuring this technology out takes quite a bit of time and effort!”

It’s refreshing to see a developer who thinks the way I do — that 3D gaming is not, in fact, the goose that laid the golden egg. After all the hyperbole and hype, it’s cool to see someone being a bit more realistic about things.

I mean, there’s only so many times someone can throw a piranha at the camera until you get bored of the whole thing.

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