DW7 a ‘faithful and engrossing tour of ancient China’

Yesterday we detailed Dynasty Warriors 7‘s Chronicle Mode, and it was revealed that Omega Force was using it to keep the main story mode more true to the game’s historical inspiration. Part of this newfound faithfulness to history is the Jin Empire, a new force that makes its debut in Dynasty Warriors 7

“Up to now we have used the occupation of China as the main theme of the previous games, so no matter if you used Wu, Wei, or Shu you would end up unifying the land as your conclusion,” explained producer Akihiro Suzuki. “In this game we wanted to make the story much more faithful to the actual Romance of the Three Kingdoms source material and accentuate each kingdom and its story to a higher extent.  

“To top off the story we needed to have the Jin empire in there to give players a faithful and engrossing tour through Ancient Chinese history.”

Until now, Jin has always been ignored by the series, despite having consumed Wei, subjugated Wu and finished Shu in order to become the historical victor of the Three Kingdoms era. It’s going to be cool to see just how accurate Dynasty Warriors 7 is, while still maintaining its flamboyant artistic license. I’m pretty excited for it.

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