Lo-fi sci-fi title Duskers is next week’s Epic Games Store freebie

duskers epic games store free

It’s lonely out in space…

Epic Games Store has revealed the next game that it will be offering up to its community of customers free of charge next week — And for our next freebie we’ll be looking at the desolate sci-fi strategy title Duskers, which will be available to download by all from February 23.

Developed by husband-and-wife indie studio Misfits Attic and released way back in 2016, Duskers sees players managing a small squadron of drones as they attempt to locate, explore, and salvage a series of lonely and haunting derelicts in the deep regions of space. The gameplay in Duskers is two-fold, with players tasked with maintaining, upgrading, and micro-managing their drone units, before taking them out into the field, where they are controlled with rudimentary commands in a very “classic sci-fi” manner.

It is the players’ duty to maintain the drones’ well-being, both on and off the field. This includes helping them to negotiate environmental hazards, avoid malfunctions and fuel loss, and ensure that the drones are kept routinely repaired and ready to rock from sector to sector. It’s all very Silent Running, from a technical and aesthetic standpoint — Though I do not think Duskers features any actual gardening. Duskers would be critically acclaimed for its design and atmosphere on launch, even bagging several independent game awards and nominations.

Duskers will be able to download from Epic Games Store from February 23 until March 2. Until then, players still have the opportunity to bag current freebie Warpips, before its removal on Wednesday.

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