DUSK leaves Early Access this December


The absolutely fantastic retro shooter DUSK will be leaving Early Access on December 10, 2018. For a limited time after launch, the game will be available for the special price of $16.66. The game will ship with three episodes of hellish levels and a full multiplayer suite. That isn’t the end for DUSK, though, as more updates are planned for 2019. The biggest of them is the eventual Switch port.

While this was actually announced around E3, DUSK on Switch is much closer to being a reality now. If you aren’t looking to play DUSK on the go, though, you can get ready to bring a friend along as co-op will be coming to the game post-launch. An SDK will also be released along with eventual Mac and Linux ports. Publisher New Blood Interactive is teasing more stuff, as well.

If you happen to already own the Early Access build, you’ll find the game has been updated with a few new features today. A new endless arena has been unlocked that is based on one of the levels from Episode Three. The first two episodes have also received some tweaks and changes, which should bring them more up to the levels of polish that one would expect from a final product. You can also play as the “Hound of Torment” enemy in multiplayer.

If you’re a bit peeved about paying a few extra dollars before launch, fear not! All current owners will be given early access to the final version of Episode Three before launch. You’ll also receive the 50-page DUSK graphic novel for completely gratis.

I’m beyond excited for DUSK to finally arrive. Ever since playing it earlier this year, I’ve been dying to get my hands on the final thing. The teasers I’ve played of Episode Three have me believing this could be one of the best first-person shooters of all time. Now I just have to not die before December.

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