Dungeon Siege III to feature deep lore, impactful choices

Obsidian promises that Dungeon Siege III will featured a deep story with a rich lore, and meaningful decisions that will affect the player’s narrative. The developer spent a long time working on the game’s backstory, even producing a giant bible of content. 

“Gas Powered Games provided a solid baseline world and lore that was rich enough to build upon,” explained associate producer Nathan Davis. “At the same time, we had a lot of freedom to create an involved plot and setting without being tied to the strict voluminous canon you might find in another game world.

“To accomplish this, our Creative Lead Designer, George Ziets, compiled and consumed all of the existing Dungeon Siege lore and penned an Ehb Sourcebook. This thing was massive. It included all kinds of new lore that came about in the 150 years since the first Dungeon Siege. We shared with Chris Taylor who loved it. With that, the next chapters in Ehb were written.”

As for your own influence in the world of Ehb, Davis believes you’ll get more choices than most other games in the genre.

“I think you’ll end up seeing more chances to make impactful choices to the story than you may have seen in most action RPGs,” he said. “Upon defeating a particularly nasty enemy, you might decide that he’s better as an ally than a prisoner. You might get the benefit of his resources, but the public (who you are trying to win over) distrusts you. Overall, you are an active mover and shaker when it comes to the story with a sense of purpose, but you will find opportunities to accomplish those goals differently.”

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