Dungeon Fighter Online goes into Closed Beta

As the launch of the Closed Beta of Nexon America’s newest free-to-play MMORPG, Dungeon Fighter Online, drew closer, I found myself still interested in the game but wondering if it would push all my MMO buttons. Meaning, the ones that make me quit after dumping countless hours of my life into an MMO and realizing that I’m technically not getting anywhere (unless you count getting somewhere as an eternity of grinding). But it boasted the 2D sidescrolling look that I’m so fond of! I still wanted to try it.

I got a closer look at Dungeon Fighter Online at this year’s Comic-Con, and it got me thinking there’s a reason thousands of overseas gamers have flocked to it time and time again. We’ll be participating in the newly launched Closed Beta, so we’ll be bringing you some impressions of the game very soon. Do you automatically disregard any MMO that’s free to play, or has one ever captured your interest?

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