Dungeon Defenders: Action, RPG and Tower Defense in one

A new game coming to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows attempts to mix action, role-playing and tower defense into one title. It uses Unreal Engine 3 and some creativity to make a game where combat, leveling and looting all work together.

Dungeon Defenders turns the tower defense genre on its head and adds a degree of depth seldom seen in a digital title,” said Jeremy Stieglitz, development director of Trendy Entertainment, developers of this title.

“There is meaty character leveling and customization, awesome loot drops and plenty of team-oriented defensive strategy to manage, but then you have this action-packed wave-based standoff that gets continually more intense. It’s as deep as it is instantly fun.”

As you’ll see from the screens below, this game has a really cool art style. They say that it allows for 4 players online or locally to take up one of four classes and fight across 15 arenas and multiple modes.

Dungeon Defenders is coming this fall. I want to see how this all works in action.

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