Dune: Awakening is Funcom’s new survival MMO

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This is My Dune… So clear off.

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You wait decades for a brand-new Dune video game, and then two come along at once! Yes in addition to the 2022 strategy title Dune: Spice Wars, Funcom has released pre-alpha footage of an upcoming MMO set within the arrid planes of Arrakis: Dune: Awakening.

As demonstrated at yesterday’s Game Awards, Dune: Awakening will see players the world over attempt to thrive, or merely survive, in the cut-throat dystopian world of Frank Herbert’s iconic sci-fi series. Starting out as a desperate survivor wandering the hazardous horizons, players will guide their custom characters in a quest for shelter, water, defense, companionship, and the ultimate desire of the Arrakian world: Spice.

From there, savvy survivalists will be able to build and trade among their local community, gain favor of the Great Houses, build and equip an arsenal of weaponry, work with spice harvesting corporations, and build themselves up among the corporations and nobility that holds fort over the lucrative lands. Of course, you might just get eaten by a sandworm on your first day — which honestly sounds like less work and perhaps the better option.

Funcom notes that it will roll out further trailers and gameplay overviews over the coming months, giving players a general overview of Dune: Awakening‘s gameplay, options, and features ahead of its official beta launch. A date for the beta was not announced, but we do know that Dune: Awakening is currently in development for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X. So you’d better get your house in order.

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