Duke Nukem’s voice actor hints that DNF is still alive

Voice actor Jon St. John set the universe straight during the Music and Video Game Festival by not commenting on his role as Duke Nukem in 3D Realms’ Duke Nukem Forever. The key here is what the blank space implies.

“I’m not allowed to speak on that subject, sir,” St. John replied when asked about DNF. He added, “Let me go ahead and tell you right now: I’m not allowed to speak about Duke Nukem Forever.” The crowd in the stuffy room booed. “No, no, don’t be disappointed. Read between the lines.

“Why am I not allowed to talk about it [DNF]?”

The need for silence on the subject might have more to do with the ongoing legal brouhaha surrounding the studio and the game rather than its ongoing development, but this world is a place of infinite and surprising possibilities. Example: Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. No-one saw that coming.

Duke Nukem Himself All But Confirms Duke Nukem Forever [Pixel Enemy, via Screw Attack]

Brad BradNicholson