Duke Nukem is angry, French, and has a lightsaber

If you’re like me, you sit around waiting for a troupe of intrepid fans to get crackin’ on a Duke Nukem fan flick. Brace yourself, for today our prayers have been answered in the form of the four-part French amateur film epic, Duke Nukem: Endgame. Oh, gentle pixies — I do believe we’ve found a fresh candidate for our next Dtoid Movie Night.

The above video is part four, because you really need something as powerful as Duke Nukem taking on the world with a fricking lightsaber to rope you in to enduring 40 minutes of a fan film. What I’ve watched is compelling, yet oddly confusing — I want to ridicule it, but I feel as though there’s a joke here that I’m just not in on. Nobody could make something like this, y’know, fo serious, could they? Nobody would dare create a hodgepodge of Duke Nukem, Matrix cliches, fricking lightsabers(!), bad one-liners and horribly mangled English subtitles and actually lay proud claim to its genesis, would they?

Oh man, France — be thankful for Jean Reno action movies and Ubisoft Montpellier, otherwise this would be a heavy mark against you. Or for you, if this is meant to be funny, because it is — oh god, I can’t decide. Hit the jump for the epic four-part saga of Duke Nukem: Endgame.

[Thanks David!]

Duke Nukem: Endgame

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Aaron Linde