Duke Nukem Forever would have gone gold yesterday

If plans held together, the same morning we were posting fake crap about RTS spin-offs of oft-delayed games and faux special edition packages, we’d be telling you that Duke Nukem Forever went gold. No April Fools.

Over Twitter this afternoon, DNF producer Jason Bergman revealed that the DNF development schedule had April 1, 2010, marked as the day the game went to the presses and started on its journey to our homes. “By the 3DR/TTWO development schedule, April 1st, 2010 was supposed to be the day Duke Nukem Forever went gold,” he said over Twitter. He continued later, “Totally intentional. It was going to be hilarious.” — for everyone involved, we’re sure.

Duke Nukem Forever Once Scheduled to Go Gold on April Fools’ Day (No Joke) [ShackNews]

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