Duke Nukem Forever: Ball of Steel edition outed (Update)

[Update: Gearbox has officially announced this now, and there are even more extras revealed! Check it out]

A photo has emerged from the ether, revealing a Duke Nukem Forever: Balls of Steel special edition. Gearbox “first access” members are supposedly getting emails with the details, and it looks like a lavish production indeed.

Here’s what the treasure trove of goodies is said to contain, alongside the game:

  • Carpe Nukem bust
  • Duke Nukem dice
  • Branded playing cards and poker chips
  • History, Legacy and Legend art book
  • Comic book
  • Four postcards
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Radioactive logo sticker
  • Foldable paper craft

Special editions are all the rage, and there’s no way 2K Games would have let such a highly anticipated game slip by without some material, money-grabbing fanfare. Also, a Duke Nukem bust is arrogantly perfect for such a game as this. 

The worst part? I will probably buy this, and I won’t feel ashamed.

Rumor: Duke Nukem Forever To Get Balls of Steel Edition? [HBG]

Jim Sterling